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 Research & Development  and  Co-operation

The majority of TTS activities are connected with development of special multilayers for a final customer. Thin film technology generally requires high customer interaction and cooperation and this necessitates close proximity between customer and technology firm. TTS is able to adapt to very specific foreign customer requests. As a result about 80% of TTS production is pointed to West European customers.

TTS negotiated agreements with several foreign technology companies regarding the use of our technology services. For example, TTS cooperates with IST AG, Wattwil, Switzerland on production of special layers and contact metallization technology for temperature and humidity sensors or on development of piezoelectric sensors and optical microphones, used in demanding conditions in West Europe motorcar industry. With Michell Inst., Cambridge, England TTS cooperates on production of precise humidity sensors. At present TTS develops the design of a new type of humidity sensor operating in the range -60 °C to +100 °C dew point at operational temperatures up to + 200 °C.

In Czech Republic TTS cooperates with academic institutions and universities on the development of suitable contacts to semiconductors and sensors. We participated with Astronomical Institute of Academy of Science on construction of space accelerometer. This device has been successfully tested during the flight of U.S. space shuttle Atlantis.

From 1998 to 2003 TTS took a part in  international NATO Science for Peace  Programme in the project of Li solid-state microbatteries, prepared fully by sputtering.

At present TTS develops, together with Reflex  s.r.o. company,  technology of multilayers, used for X-ray optics applications.

New types and improved parameters of sputtered thin films are still developed at TTS. The principals of TTS invented and patented in 15 patents a highly unique thin film processing methods which enable TTS to produce thin film layers with better parameters, higher efficiency and, therefore, with a lower cost than other thin film deposition services.

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