Firm TTS develops and produces the hygrometers, focused on the measurement of  extremely low humidity down to Dew Point (DP) temperature - 80 C.


The dimensions  of  the hygrometer are 6.5 x 12 mm. Two contacts are  solder-able or bonding-able with Au top layer. The hygrometers are fabricated in two modifications HAL2 and HALX3, which differentiate e.g. in the response time and some parameters.


The sensors are based on the capacitor structure and are used in AC signal mode. The humidity can be calibrated according to pure capacity values C (ca. 10 nF at 80 Hz AC signal) or as complex impedance, together with real resistivity R (tens to hundreds of kOhm, according to sensor type).


We give you more information on request .


On the enclosed graphs are the curves of sensors'  sensitivity measured in the range of DP temperatures from -80 C to +0 C.  The measurements were carried out by the firm  Sensorika s.r.o.







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