Production program

TTS offers high-quality and low-cost production of sophisticated sputtered layers.

I) Our primary business activity consists of the development and manufacture of metallic and passivating layers that are prepared by magnetron sputtering.

Production equipment: MRC 903M:
- two level loadlock
- three-magnetron/target positions
- excitation modes: DC, RF magnetron, RF diode
- vacuum heating adjustable to 420 ° C
- sputter etch module


Production equipment:  Plasmavac Bendix:

- one level loadlock

- carousel holder with 6  targets active under one vacuum cycle

- excitation modes: DC diode, DC triode, RF diode, RF triode, external magnetic field

- deposition also from small targets (from 30 mm diameter)


Available targets :

- Al, AlSi, AlSiCu, Ti, TiW, Pd, Au, Ag, Ta, Cu, Cr, NiV, NiCr, TiSi2, Si, SiO2, others on request


The entire production of layers involves two main steps:


a)  the technology processing and

b)  subsequent adjustment of required parameters of the layers.


Single and multi-layers can be prepared in one of two ways:

a) Sandwich multilayer structure with adjusted parameters - the component is then shaped and finished by customer separately.

b) All layers are shaped via photoresist masks during deposition. In this case we can design the lithography masks. Activities such as mask production and photolithography are mainly performed by TTS's technological partners.


II) Further activity consists of ion milling of sputtered layers and/or material deposition by ion beam


Production equipment:  Veeco 747

- one level loadlock

- ion beam diameter 3" (75 mm)

- neutralization of accelerated ions before impact

- ion etching (ion milling) of both conductive or non-conductive materials and substrates

  under vacuum 1.10-3  Pa

- ion deposition of both conductive or non-conductive materials under vacuum 1.10-3  Pa

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