Quality policy

Maintaining high quality of our products and services is a top priority for us. We have a quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Below you can see our certificate and Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

version 1.0., adopted June 6, 2017

TTS – Thin film Technological Service – company offers to its customers an extensive program of innovative technologies and services in the field of vacuum deposition of thin films.

TTS was established as a Czech private company in 1992 by researchers of Vacuum Laboratories and Microelectronic Division of the former TESLA – VUST Research Institute of Radio Communications in Prague. Thanks to this fact it has long-standing experience in the field of design and manufacturing of vacuum deposited thin films for applications in microelectronics (sensors, metallization, hybrid integrated circuits HCMOS integrated circuits, precise resistive networks).

In addition to that, it has gained extensive experience in other fields, such as thin films for X-ray optics or mechanical functional layers, during its current existence. One of the top places in its portfolio of products also belongs to thin film sensors for trace humidity detection.

Products and services of TTS find wide use in electric, automotive, chemical and food industry, X-ray optics and other fields. Its films and sensors have also found their application in space (functional coatings on composite panels, optical films, outgassing sensors).

TTS is currently one of the most experienced private companies in the field of thin film deposition in the Czech Republic and the only one to offer the deposition of such wide range of both metallic and non-metallic materials in both high and low experimental volumes of production by sputtering technology.

This Quality Policy responds to current and future needs of customers and parties interested in areas of the company’s activity.  Maintaining of the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 is for us an essential means for the achievement of the aims of the company. The company is therefore always striving to fulfil the following commitments:


  • To deliver to its customers the services and products in quality, due dates and the range corresponding to their requirements and to competently satisfy their needs this way.
  • To continuously improve reached quality of processes and operations and to motivate and train our employees in it.
  • To systematically and on a long-term basis care about quality, manage the system towards continuous improvement of ensuring functionality and efficiency.
  • To provide appropriate resources for quality management system (human resources, environment, infrastructure) and to create conditions enabling support and fulfilment of this policy.
  • To consistently observe all relevant regulations and other related requirements
  • To improve the qualification and knowledge of innovative solutions of employees through training.
  • To continually minimise the level of variations and complaints.