We are a small company located in Prague in the Czech Republic with more than 50 years of experience in the field of design and deposition of thin films for microelectronics, optics and other applications. Founded in 1992 with the origins in the research and development community for Czechoslovakian electronics industry,  we have a history of 25 years as a private company. Our founders have been involved in R&D for electrotechnology from discreet components through hybrid circuits to Silicon and GaAs based VLSI circuits while working for Vacuum Laboratories and Microelectronic Division of the former TESLA – VUST Research Institute of Radio Communications in Prague.

The building of the former research institute TESLA - VUST (nowadays the Besnet areal in Prague) - past and present TTS place of operation

The backbone of our business is PVD deposition of thin films by the technology of magnetron sputtering which is complemented by ion etching and photolithographic patterning of films. We can deposit a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials in both large and small experimental volumes of production and we are happy to offer our expertise for the solution of your thin film problems. We are specialists for high-quality multilayer metallization for soldering and wire bonding. Our thin films are parts of products that find their use in electronics and optics and all kinds of industries including automotive, aerospace, chemical and power industries


Founders of TTS company Mr Jaromir Mirovsky (left) and Mr Jaroslav Merta (right) next to vacuum deposition devices

Both our other fields of activity are closely related to thin film technologies or emerged from them.

We are producers of thin film humidity sensors HAL, which are ones of the most sensitive thin film humidity sensors in the world. Together with our partners we can offer you custom-tailored solutions for humidity measurement – from transmitters and hygrometers to moisture analyzers – based on them. Recently we have also started to offer calibration services for instruments measuring humidity.

In past years we have participated in a project of the Czech nanosatellite VZLUSAT-1 and projects of the European SPace Agency by development of coatings for space applications. One of their main purposes has been to provide shieldingg against space radiation and durign the design phase we have made also simulations of their shielding capabilities  Nowadays we offer also radiation analysis that we have learned in the process also for your projects.

We are a young team building on vast experiences stemming from the continuity of the company. R&D with the focus on improving our technologies and developing new ones has always been a top priority for us. As such we are always ready to take up a challenge to provide the best technical solution for you.