TTS thin film dew point sensors HAL are at the heart of the instruments for trace moisture detection range of the sensor system HUMISTARTM of  SENSORIKA company. HAL sensors are ones of the most sensitive moisture sensors of their kind in the world. They are able to detect trace humidity down to -100 °C DP (approx. 10 water vapour molecules in bilion gas molecules). In the HUMISTARTM sensor system they are complemented with high quality capacitive polymer relative humidity sensors and thin film platinum temperature sensors. Together they are implemented in robust measuring devices used for monitoring moisture and temperature in a wide range of industries – from food processing to aerospace.

HUMISTARTM sensor system offers a variety of measuring probes, transmitters, hygrometers and moisture analyzers. It has a versatile design and thus can be easily taylored to your applications. It is characterized by

  • robust design
  • accuracy
  • chemical resistance, resistance against condensation and heat-humidity resistance
  • radiation hardness
  • long term stability and reliability in operation

SENSORIKA has decades of experience with development and production of measuring instruments and implementation of measuring processes in industry. Therefore, if you are interested in moisture and temperature measurement, please contact directly SENSORIKA company.

 Regular recalibration and professional service of  HUMISTARTM instruments is provided by TTS calibration laboratory in cooperation with SENSORIKA. The precision of calibration is guaranteed by our certified calibration equipment traceable to British (NPL) and American (NIST) national humidity standards.